3 Tender Stories Of Animals With People

Those who have enjoyed the opportunity to share their lives with animals have their own indelible memories with their peers. However, some tender stories have transcended borders and conquered admirers all over the world.

Here are some of the most exciting stories between people and animals.

Tender Stories: The Penguin Dindin and His Eternal Thanksgiving

One day like any other, Brazil’s 71 year-old João Pereira de Souza went for a quiet walk along a beach. But that morning I would be surprised to find a little Magellan penguin dying among the rocks.

Pingüino patagónico

João knew that if he did not act quickly, the bird would lose its life waiting for professional help to arrive. Then, he did not hesitate for a second to pick up the animal and take him home immediately to take care of it .

For a week, João was cleaning, feeding and caring for the little penguin with total dedication. He even gave it a funny name – the penguin Dindin or Dindim. “Dindin” or “dindim” is a popular way to call money in Brazilian Portuguese.

Fortunately, the penguin recovered and João returned him to the sea to return to his own. But to the old man’s surprise, Dindin returned to the same beach a few months after his departure. And what could have been a coincidence, it became a habit…

The rescue of Dindin by João happened five years ago. Since then, Dindin returns once a year to the same beach and lives for eight months with his human best friend. A lesson of gratitude and affection, without borders or species.

The Captain dog and his fidelity beyond life

We all know the story of Hachiko, the dog who returned every day to wait for its owner at Tokyo Station, even after his death. But few know Captain, another can that proves that canine loyalty ignores the boundaries between life and death.

Perro en tumba de su dueño

For many years, Captain lived a happy life together with his owner (Miguel) and his family in the city of Córdoba (Argentina). But unfortunately Miguel lost his life suddenly, which strongly impacted his wife and son, and Captain .

After Miguel’s death, Captain has never been the same and has not been able to adapt to living at home without his guardian. One day, to the despair of Michael’s wife and son, Captain escaped from home and they could not follow his trail .

The biggest surprise was finding Captain next to Michael’s grave during a visit to the cemetery. Although they tried to call him in several ways, Captain remained motionless next to his owner. According to Michael’s wife, the dog was lying on the stone and wept heartlessly.

After several attempts, Captain agreed to return home to Miguel’s son and wife. However, he returns daily to the cemetery to visit his owner, and remains for hours lying on or next to his grave. Unfortunately, not all tender stories have a happy ending .

The Penguin Magpie and His Family Devotion

On one of their walks outside the city, the Blooms, a traditional Australian family, found a magpie wounded. The bird was still very small and had fallen from its nest, so it was not able to recover on its own .

Urraca común: características

Upon finding the animal’s weakness, the Bloom decided to pick it up and take it home to take care of it. Thanks to the attention of the family, the little magpie was able to recover successfully after a few weeks .

The Bloom decided that the time had come to free the bird so that he could live in freedom. To her surprise, the magpie showed no interest in flying towards the horizon, but chose to return home.

The Penguin Magpie, as her human family has christened her, currently lives very happy in Australia. Among his favorite activities are: taking the children to school, playing ball and accompanying the family . One more of the tender stories between people and animals.

As we see in these cases, animals always surprise us with their dedication and affection they show us. There are no barriers between species and breeds, as with any animal we can have a surprising interaction.