5 Best Brushes To Comb Your Pet

Regular brushing is part of the essential care we have to offer to our best friends. Its importance goes beyond aesthetics, being key to the good health of your skin and coat.

In everyday life, it is essential to use products suitable to your hair type to achieve optimal brushing. Next, we will see what are the best brushes for combing your pet.

How to choose the best brushes for combing your pet?

The type of fur is the key factor when choosing the best brushes to comb your pet. Each animal has a hair type and this requires specific products and care for optimal maintenance.

In this regard, the length of the coat should be considered, as well as its structure and frequency of hair loss. These two factors are not always directly related, as we usually think.

That is, not necessarily a long-haired dog will loose more hairs than a short-haired hairy.

Therefore, it is very important that we know the type of fur of our pets before bending over a brush; we can simply consult our trusted veterinarian.

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1. Best brushes for combing short-haired dogs

Short-haired dogs do not suffer with the formation of knots in their fur. Therefore, the brushing will be to remove dirt and impurities from your hair.

For this purpose, the best brushes to comb your pet are with carda or rubber bristles or mitten. These products allow optimal surface brushing, without hurting the skin of the can and only removing dead hairs.

To define the frequency of brushing, we need to take into account the density of the coat and its adhesion to the skin. Some dogs, such as pug and chihuahua, tend to lose hair frequently. Therefore, the planing should be carried out 3 to 4 times a week.

In the case of other breeds, such as the Labrador or Dalmatian, they require more occasional brushing, once to twice a week.

Medium-haired dogs, like golden retriever, have a longer, dense and thicker coat. Therefore, they already show a tendency to the formation of knots and the accumulation of impurities.

To brush them correctly, we should prefer brushes with metal and fine bristles, always of good quality. We recommend you to lean on rounded products at their tips, thus avoiding hurting the canine during brushing.

3. Best brushes for long-haired and bulky pets

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Dogs with long and abundant hair require greater care with the maintenance of their fur. Especially when we talk about furry with double layer cloak, such as the German shepherd or the Siberian husky. Their long mantle is very vulnerable to the formation of knots and usually accumulate a good amount of dirt.

Usually these furry are benefited by the use of two different types of brushes. Daily, we must use elaborate brushes to comb and remove dead hairs.

Although it may be expensive, it is ideal to brush our pet every day, for excellent maintenance of its fur.

4. Best brushes to comb your long-haired pet

For dogs with long hair and more delicate skin, we recommend choosing double-sided brushes. On the one hand, these products bring rounded and soft bristles, while on the other they have hard synthetic hair bristles.

First of all, we use the rounded bristles to remove dead hair and dirt. Then we use the synthetic hairs on the other side to bring shine and beauty to the coat.

If our dog has abundant fur, but the skin more resistant, we can also use brushes with carda or metal spikes. In practice we will see that double-sided products tend to give better results.

5. Ideal products for detangling hair

If your dog often suffers from knots in its fur, it is best to use rake combs to detangle them. These products allow you to gradually undo the knots without hurting the animal and preserving the structure of the hair.