5 Breeds Of Watchdog That Will Keep Your Home Safe

Many owners have in mind the safety of their home when choosing their new pet. Historically, there have always been certain breeds of watchdog that have become the bedside animals of the most demanding owners. In this small list we tell you which are the most popular and why.

Learn about the capabilities of the rottweiler

With a compact body full of power, the rottweiler — the image that heads this article — is a territorial but affectionate race that will openly seek the affection of its owner regardless of its size. Like any medium-large dog, good early training is vital, especially to channel their protective instinct in a positive way.

The bad reputation of rottweilers has a lot to do with the education provided by their owner. It is not uncommon to see these animals being affectionate with children and showing great patience and tenderness with their relatives. This dog requires constant mental and social stimuli that help him not to isolate himself and continue to improve his temper.

The loyal and brave akita

This ancient animal of Japanese lineage is one of the most revered guard dog breeds in its native land. Having an akita in the family is a symbol of longevity, happiness and good health.

Razas de perro guardián: akita americano

Akitas are muscular animals that have a thick coat. Although they are not very high , they compensate it with a power and muscula r density enviable for any other dog.

The akita is introverted and vigilant with strangers. He often does not tolerate the presence of other animals very well, although he will protect his family members to the end, with whom he will be affectionate and protective. The life expectancy of this animal is between 10 and 13 years.

The German Shepherd, one of the most popular guard dog breeds

There are many reasons why experts continue to bet on one of the most popular guard dog breeds. His loyal character and his self-confidence , together with his keen intelligence , make him the ideal pet for those owners looking for an animal capable of learning quickly and eager to protect their own.

Razas de perro guardián: pastor alemán

When training a German shepherd, it is recommended to bet on early socialization and exercises focused on obedience and self-control to make sure you understand who is leading the singing voice. The American Kennel Club recommends that you participate in family activities to strengthen your bond with its owner.

The Caucasian Shepherd takes the concept of watchdog to the next level

For hundreds of years, Caucasian shepherds were used to scare away both predators and strangers and thus protect livestock. Its size allows it to be a real adversary of wolves and coyotes, especially if we talk about the variety of Caucasian mountain dog, which has a larger and stronger body.

Razas de perro guardián: pastor caucásico

The great intelligence and independent character of this breed of watchdog make it difficult to train. It is recommended to resort to a professional trainer to advise first-time owners. In addition, it should be noted that this breed is very protective and distrustful of strangers, so they can react badly with visits.

The compact staffordshire bull terrier

This is one of the most muscular guard dog breeds. The fame of this animal spread in the stray dog fights of England, so, although of a not particularly aggressive nature, the staffordshire bull terrier requires training and socializationthat allow him to learn the basic rules of behavior for a dog.

Razas de perro guardián: staffordshire bull terrier

Given his past as a fighting dog, his hunting instinct may remain and need lessons in self-control. This race is smart, but it will try to get away with it and ignore who rulesin the relationship. Show him who has the singing voice as soon as possible.