5 Endangered Dogs

When we think of an animal about to become extinct, we may imagine a bear or a whale, but there are also dogs in danger of extinction. We will tell you about some of these breeds in this article.

Dogs in danger of extinction?

We might think that with so many specimens around the world it is impossible for dogs to be endangered, but in this case we refer to breeds in particular that, because of the crossing with others or the low birth rate, there are fewer and fewer pure specimens. Here are some examples:

1. Lundehund

This Norwegian dog is of small size and spitz type, whose name derives from the prefix “lunde”, which means puffin, and from the suffix “hund”, which means dog. The lundehund — photo that opens this article — was developed to hunt birds and their eggs.

One of the characteristics of this dog is that on each leg it has six fingers and has joints in the nape, so it can move the head more than any other dog. Its tail is bent towards the back and the color of the mantle may vary from brown, white and gray .

2. Black and tan coonhound

In translation, the name of this dog could be “black and raccoon-hunting fire” and is one of the six varieties recognized within the coonhound family. It was developed in the United States — like everyone else — to help capture that small mammal that destroys fields and crops.

Perros en peligro de extinción: black and tan coonhound

The black and tan coonhound is a large hound, with strong bones, good musculature and head with a prominent snout. As for his temperament, he is quite independent, active and gentle .

This is another of the endangered dogs on this list. It is native to Hungary, small to medium size and known for its mantle with “laces” or “dreadlocks”, which are formed from six months of life.

Perros en peligro de extinción: puli

The puli is a grazing dog, very affectionate, that gets along wonderfully with the children and is an excellent guardian. It adapts to urban or country life, but in any case you need intense exercise daily.

4. Rhodesian Crested

It is an elegant and very beautiful dog, known by its English name (rhodesian ridgeback) and which has been created in South Africa. Very agile and fast (runs at 65 km/h), this can be used for the house, the company and the guard.

Perros en peligro de extinción: crestado rodesiano

The Rodesian crest has a short reddish-brown coat and has a kind of “crest” on the back. As for his temperament, he is a loyal animal, intelligent, stable, strong, protective and patient with children.

5. Affenpinscher

The last of the endangered dogs on this list is a small rather than peculiar. To begin with, its name means “pinscher-monkey” in German, due to its large round, hairy head, and its bristling black and short fur.

Perros en peligro de extinción: affenpinscher

The affenpinscher is robust, with pointed ears and dominant lower jaw. He is less than 30 centimeters and weighs just over three kilos: he is smart, alert, affectionate and active .

Unfortunately, there are other breeds of dogs in danger of extinction that we should review: the Chinese crested, the catalburun, the Peruvian hairless dog, the Bedlington terrier, the catahoula leopard, the Tibetan mastiff, the mudi, the xoloitzcuintle, the Thai ridgeback and the otterhounds.