5 Famous Dogs Of English Literature

Pets are not only present in our everyday life, but also in all kinds of works of art. On this occasion we will dedicate ourselves to the famous dogs of English literature, mainly found in classical works that you should read.

What are the famous dogs of English literature?

Some of them have been in our collective mind for several years, and others have appeared very recently. Several of these books have been taken to the movies and may therefore seem “familiar” to you. Pay attention to only a handful of chosen as famous dogs of English literature:

1. Lassie

We couldn’t start a list of these features without naming a can known to everyone. Even the race — collie — is often confused with that of the protagonist of this story: Lassie (photo that opens this article).

2. Bull’s Eye

Although this dog is not the protagonist of Charles Dickens’ story Oliver Twist , it is worth highlighting in the list because it is quite famous. It is a bull terrier whose particular sign is a black spot on the eye while the rest of his body is white.

Bull terrier

Bull’s Eye is the can of Bill Sikes, the antagonist character of the story boy: an evil criminal, thief and murderer.

3. Fang

Among the famous dogs of English literature we cannot ignore the one who appears in one of the most successful novels of all time: Harry Potter. We are referring to Fang, a huge Great Dane — although in the films he is starring a Neapolitan mastiff — owned by Hagrid, the giant friend of young magicians.

Perros más grandes: gran danés

Fang has an intimidating appearance, but according to its owner he is a coward. However, he demonstrates his courage when he accompanies students into the forbidden forest on more than one occasion.

Another of the dogs appearing in one of the series is Fluffy, with three heads and dedicated to caring for the philosopher’s stone. This character is based on Greek mythology, precisely in Cerbero, in charge of protecting the gates of the god Hades and sleeping alone with the music of Orpheus.

4. Hound of Baskerville

The mastiff that appears in the name of this book created by Arthur Conan Doyle is also one of the main characters of the third novel based on detective Sherlock Holmes. The story is set in Devon (England) and also has Doctor Watson as an ally of the researcher.

Perros famosos de la literatura inglesa: sabueso de Baskerville

The Hound is a large dog owned by Jack Stapleton, a naturalist neighbor of the moor where the story unfolds. He has a large jaw and sharp teeth and, to make him look like a devilish beast, his master smeared him with phosphorus . This is how he “threw fire” through his mouth.

5. Nana

To finish the list with the famous dogs of English literature we will talk about Nana, the four-legged nanny who appears in the well-known Peter Pan story of Scottish writer Sir James Matthew Barrie.


It is a female of Newfoundland breed, who takes care of the children of the Darling family: Wendy, John and Michael. With his giant size and his pleasant and loving behavior, he has a rather big responsibility. It is known that the writer was based on the character of his own dog, Luath, of that breed.

Of course there are other famous dogs in English and world literature, but these five are the most representative and those most readers know.