5 Things That Both Like to Chase Dogs

Sometimes when we look at our dog we think it’s crazy and it is that sometimes he has gestures or attitudes that escape our understanding. There are things he likes to jump on, loves to run around after bathing, throws himself on the ground for no reason , or starts chasing things he can never reach. We observe it, but it does not matter, we do not understand it.

In this post we will focus on talking about 5 more common things dogs love to chase. Something we don’t see sense to, we think they do it for fun. But is that really true? Why does your dog go after things?

Your dog starts chasing things like…

chase  dogs


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular images and topics of our pets. It is known that dogs and cats do not get along. In fact, even formed a famous popular phrase that is used when two people do not understand each other: “They get along like dog and cat”.

Now, when one animal pursues another, it is usually to eat it, and it is obvious that dogs do not eat cats, why do they chase them then?

To answer that question, we must go to the ancestors of both. Dogs are wolves, cats, cats like cheetah . Both are carnivorous and savage but both understand the harsh reality of the jungle: a badly wounded animal outside the herd, is a dead animal, inside the herd can be saved.

The genes of both are different, dogs feel the need for a leader and if they do not see any, they autonomous, so if they see themselves outside the pack, they attack.

On the other hand, felines are loyal to their leaders and if they feel attacked outside the pack alone they decide to search for their herd. What do you mean ? Running away.


Who hasn’t seen a dog run after a ball? Sometimes when they get to her, they don’t even catch her, what happens to them? Instinct. Domestic dogs come from wild dogs and these from wolves. Both have an innate ability to hunt.

When they see something moving, there they go. That’s the reason: your dog chases the ball because he instinctively believes it’s a prey. When she arrives and sees that she doesn’t eat, she ignores her . But he’ll come back after her if he sees her throw away again.

Its own tail

This is one of the funniest moves and that most laughter causes us of a dog. Well, we’re sorry to tell you, it’s not a laughing matter. The dog that does this, may be materializing with that gesture his anxiety and boredom, being able to turn, if not remediated, into a compulsive disorder.


In one of our articles we detail why dogs chase vehicles. The explanation is a bit similar to that of the ball. When they see something moving, they can’t help it, they jump into it.

It’s instinctive, they don’t think, so it doesn’t matter if it hurts them or if they’re going to crash them, they don’t know or think about it. Our tip: read our related article and learn how to remove that custom from your dog.

Anything with wheels

perro corriendo

Cars are not the only wheeled thing that love chasing dogs. Chasing things like bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, skates, is a common thing in them. As we have explained, they see it as one more prey, so try to calm your dog, because if it reaches the person who is using the wheeled artifact it could even bite.

I’m sure your dog’s after some other things. Here we just wanted to capture the most common ones. Although it can be normal behavior, do not forget to keep an eye on your dog so that this behavior does not become compulsive.

Image courtesy of Tambako The Jaguar.