7 Tips for Photographing Your Pet

We all want to keep memories of important moments, people or animals in our lives. That’s why learning to take the best pictures is a great idea. So we give you some brief tips for photographing your pet.

This is not always an easy task, as animals often move a lot, let alone those red eyes that make our best memories seem to be taken out of Night of the Living Dead. So, take a look at the following recommendations!

Get Up to It

If you don’t want your pet to look like a Hobbit or have to carry it, which will make it uncomfortable in the photo, try squatting to level up. You can even crawl on the floor with your dogs or your cat; this will make the image much better perspective and you will be able to capture your pet from its height, as the world sees .

Use Natural Light

Unless you want your pet to appear removed from the “Pet Cemetery” use a natural light source (sunlight).

We’ve all, once, taken those pictures with our pet where his eyes are red and scary. This is due to the use of the flash, which can additionally scare your pet and you will not be able to achieve such an ideal photo. In case it is a night photo, try an artificial light source, like a lamp, with white light.

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Show Your Character

One way to achieve a photo that could be the cover of National Geographic is by focusing on displaying your pet’s true character, its true nature.

If you love playing with the ball, try to portray that, whether your pet is active or not, personality is what gives that plus to images that make them look wonderful.

Take pictures in a Burst

If you have a professional camera, semi or a device with this option, this will be ideal for photographing your pet.

Animals move a lot, and the burst allows you to take a lot of pictures in microseconds. Thus, in addition to the feeling of movement, you will have more chances of having achieved at least a good photo.

Use Their Schedule in Your Favor

No one knows your pet better than you do; use that to take the best photo possible. For example, if you know your dog goes crazy at a specific time, for example, when your children arrive from school, prepare the camera to capture that moment.

Look for the things you like about your partner so that they are precisely those that you can keep in the future, whether it’s a gesture or some particularity; those are the things that make them unique and are the ones you’ll like to see when he’s gone.

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Use Toys

Getting the attention of your dog or cat can be an impossible mission, try a feather and rope, or a squeaky toy. These are used to attract the attention of the animal and achieve the photo more easily, but don’t be bad, as soon as you get what you want reward it with a good game session.

Respect Your Pet

A good photo is not the one in which the animal looks uncomfortable, is put in a dangerous situation or does not feel at ease. Respect times and spaces, in this way you can lead a better relationship with your pet .

Many times, by making us funny, we put our animals in situations that cannot be the best, such as putting ridiculous things to which they are not accustomed, heavy objects, among others.

Do not be stubborn, think about what you would feel if you are subjected to a certain treatment, if the answer is that you would not like then do not pass your pet through the same thing.