8 Tips To Take Care Of A Pet Safely

Having an animal at home requires fulfilling certain obligations. In this way, our best friend will be well cared for and pampered. In this article we will tell you some tips to take care of a pet safely, whether at home or on a trip or on the street.

How to take care of a pet safely at home

There is no doubt that a home with a dog or a cat is different from a house where there are no animals. They are very important to our lives because they offer us their affection, their protection and their unconditionality. But it is also true that as owners we have certain obligations to these wonderful beings .

Beyond feeding them, taking them for walks and taking them to the vet once a year, there are other ways to safely take care of a pet at home. Here are some recommendations:

1. Do not leave dangerous objects within reach

You should keep in mind that a pet is like a small child, who does not know about dangers or possible accidents that may occur in the home. Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave cables, cleaning products, cutting elements, toxic plants, or glass or porcelain objects at your fingertips .

Perro y juguete

2. Choose safe housing

It all depends on the type of pet you have, but in any case we advise you to be solid, the correct size for the animal and, above all, comfortable. Cages, terrariums or aquariums must be placed away from windows, heaters, sockets or air conditioning .

3. Place locks for balconies or stairs

If you are going to allow your pet to have access to the outside (for example, the balcony), you will need to install a system that prevents it from falling or going beyond the limits. Some owners choose to set up bars, others place nets and there are those who choose fences.

Perros en balcones

Something similar happens with the stairs, because there are usually no problems to climb, but there are no problems to get down from them. Also dog puppies or cats are very curious and will want to know what is on the top of the home!

4. Installs fire and alarm systems

It doesn’t matter if you’re away from home all day or just if you’re out for a few moments. Accidents may occur at any time. And you have to act as soon as possible! Many people decide to install a fire detector that remotely alerts the home owner.

If you want to install an alarm system, you will need to choose one designed for homes with animals. This way, you will prevent when the pet moves from one room to the other from activating .

5. Place cameras

You may find this somewhat eccentric advice to take care of your pet safely, but the truth is that it can help you to know that the animal is well in your absence. Some systems allow us to see from our mobile what happens at home when we are not there.

Tips to take care of your pet safely outdoors

Not only should you be careful at home, but also when you go out for a walk in the park or go on holiday by car. Pay attention to these tips:

1. Place a chip

If for some reason your dog runs away or runs out to chase another dog, it will be easier to find it if it has a microchip installed. This device is placed by the veterinarian and is painless for the animal.

Microchip para perro

2. Always wear it with a strap

Even if your pet is well taught and behaves very well on the street, you will never know when he will find something that urges him to disobey you. It can be a female in heat, a cat or the sound of a car.

Correa en un cachorro de beagle

To safely care for your pet you have to accustom it not only to go on a leash, but not to throw or go in front of you. You can, if you want, buy an extendable strap to give it a little freedom but keep monitoring it.

3. Care in the car

If you are on holiday with your dog, do not let him pull his head out of the window, do not take him out of the car without a leash, and do not leave him loose on the beach, in the mountains or in the woods.

Planificar vacaciones con tu perro

With these tips, you will ensure that your pet does not suffer accidents and that it does not get lost or hurt.