A Kitten Saves The Life Of Its Owner

The sixth sense of animals and the special ties they form with their owners have been doubted on many occasions.

However, there are many real experiences that show that animals are prepared to love us to unsuspected limits as well as to save our lives if necessary. Without a doubt, this phrase is becoming more and more real:

 A life without an animal, is a mistake.

— Anonymous

This is the case of Tom, an independent and bully kitten who one day became someone insistent and heavy for no apparent reason, at least that’s what his owner believed. Would you like to know the story of this adorable kitten? Here we tell you .

Long Ago…

gato y mujer

Sue McKenzie was walking a warm spring afternoon when she heard soft but intense meows coming from a small cardboard box.

He could not resist approaching her and there she was: a beautiful little ball of black and white hair, a kitten desperate to get out of the box and, apparently, very hungry.

“ How can there be people so bad to abandon such a beautiful being?” , thought Sue. It was a love at first sight. When the kitten saw her, her meows ceased. His savior had arrived, or at least so I expected.

Sue couldn’t resist, even though she had never thought of having an animal, she couldn’t leave it there. He took him, bought him a bottle to feed him, and took him home. There was only the most important thing left: to name it.

The only contact Sue had had with the cats was with a cartoon she knew since she was a kid, and that’s what she called it: Tom.

As the days passed, Sue was getting to know Tom more and more.

At first Sue did not know what her life would be like, because her life was too complicated to take care of an animal. However his kitten was, and is, special.

He was extremely independent and grossly, you could practically say that his kitten did not listen to him.

He just showed up close at lunchtime, and hopefully Sue might have earned some groupers on her leg as a token of gratitude.



By All of that, Sue was surprised when one day her kitten Tom climbed next to her on the couch, pressed her head against her body and jumped, climbed to the top of the couch and started playing with Sue’s neck, squeezing her legs like a massage against it.

Although surprised, Sue could not deny that she liked the feeling, both physical and emotional. He thought his kitten had gone crazy for a day, but nothing further from reality.

The kitten Tom repeated for weeks the same movement day after day, to the point that he began to drive Sue crazy.

Sue did not quite understand what was going on with her kitten, so she decided to go to the doctor to find out whether something on her neck or a special smell attracted the attention of her beloved minino.

The results were surprising and sad at the same time. Sue had a lump on her neck that turned out to be white blood cell cancer known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma .

As his doctor told him, thanks to his kitten Tom had discovered him in time and after very few chemotherapy sessions, namely six, the cancer disappeared completely.

Sue owes her life to her kitten who, besides wanting to bother her with her daily movements, wanted to warn her.

Today Sue is completely healed and Tom, her savior kitten, is still her roommate. She is very grateful to him, for if it wasn’t for him, who knows if his illness would have been discovered? However, once everything calmed down and Sue became healthy again, Tom became the same and ignored his beloved owner.