A Pilot Saves a Dog

If you travel with your pets wherever you go, you’ll love this story. Heroes in real life do exist, and every day we are surprised by incredible actions of people and animals, acting selflessly for the well-being of others. Such is the case with this article: a pilot saves a dog when he diverted an international flight.

The case occurred during a flight between Tel Aviv and Toronto on a flight of the airline Air Canada. Before the start of takeoff, all the checkups were carried out on the plane. However, no fault was found and passengers started boarding.

What no one had noticed was that on this flight there was a seven-year-old French Bull Dog named Simba, which was transported in the cargo compartment according to airport regulations.

Simba’s caretaker, German Kontorovich, is an animal lover and has a very strong relationship with his little Bull Dog. Moreover, in an interview given to CNN he said that the dog was practically his son, and that it meant everything to him.

bulldog frances

The flight was unheard when the plane entered the Atlantic, but a few minutes after entering that area the pilot realized that the heating was not working.

Despite this slight failure in the heating system, it did not pose a risk to the safety of the flight, nor would it have caused any discomfort to passengers.

A very different situation would occur in the cargo cabin, since the temperature in that area of the aircraft would fall below the freezing level between -40° and -60°, which would have resulted in the death of the dog in the compartment by freezing.

A Heroic Decision

The pilot realized that the heating had broken down. In addition, he knew in advance that the dog was in the cargo hold of the plane.

As the pilot had experience driving in the area and knew how much the temperature can drop in the area, he made a decision that very few would make.

He reported that the plane had a mechanical failure, changed the itinerary of the flight and landed the plane at Frankfort airportin Germany, where the health of the dog was inspected, who luckily was well, although he owes his life to the swift decision of this new hero.

During this stop, the aircraft was given a second check to verify that there were no other problems and, after two hours, the aircraft took off again. No passenger complained, even though he knew the reasons for the unexpected stop.

It should be pointed out that Simba had to wait to be transported on another plane, one in which his safety was guaranteed.

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A situation that many have described as an injustice is the research that is leading to against the pilot, which is why his identity has not been revealed, as this unexpected stop cost Air Canada about $10,000 in landing fees and extra fuel.

When the pilot was questioned about his action, he simply said, “I am responsible for all the lives on the plane, both human and animal.”

This is a good example of what people can do who, beyond the fulfillment of simple duty, do not hesitate twice to sacrifice themselves a little in terms of protecting those who need them, especially when the decision to do so is in their hands.