Baby Living with Dogs is Less at Risk of Asthma

“ You’re pregnant, great! Congratulations! And what are you going to do with your dog?” – A friend asks you. You are stunned, like a fool, not knowing whether to slap him, laugh or just change the subject . And it is that people who do not have animals do not understand the benefits of having one at home, especially for babies; of course, always taking extreme care.

One of the greatest benefits that have been proven, is the fact that babies who are raised next to a dog are less at risk of asthma. Let’s see what the experts say.

Funded Data

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The scientific journal JAMA pediatrics reflected the results of research carried out by scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden.

This research was carried out with more than one million Swedish children. Many of these were babies who lived together from birth and at least until their first year of life with a dog. According to studies, the baby who lives with dogs at home was 15% less exposed to asthma in the future.

They haven’t given many reasons why this is happening, but everything seems to point to something endotoxins have to do with it.

Endotoxins are released by dogs and mixed with the dust that purulent in the environment, so that it is not harmful to the baby and does not cause him to have asthma.

Other benefits if the baby lives with dogs

There are many benefits for the baby who lives with dogs at home. Obviously, we will not allow him to put his hand in his mouth or put it himself in his mouth after touching him, as this would cause him illness.

But dogs can have a very positive effect on the development of babies. Let’s see what factors cause such an effect.

It teaches them Responsibility

The child, at first, will not be aware of anything, but will grow up seeing that an animal is a responsibility and that you have to feed, drink and take it for a walk. As he grows up, he is likely to take you for a walk or feed you from time to time with mom or dad.

This will teach you to take responsibility in other aspects of life.

Activate your Ability to Interact.

A child who lives with a dog will learn while playing with the animal, that there are things that the animal does not like, that sometimes does not want to play or that if he wants to receive, he will also have to give. These are all things that will help your baby know how to properly relate to others when they grow up.

It will Activate Your Love for Animals.

When someone has met and loved some kind of animal, it is impossible not to love others. An animal-loving person is able to develop feelings and a special sensitivity that many people do not know about.

In addition to preventing asthma, it helps to…

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Having a dog is not just a good remedy to prevent asthma. The baby who lives with dogs also improves many other aspects of health such as:

    • Decrease stress and thus aggressiveness.
    • Improve self-esteem, as your pet makes them feel unique and special.
    • Decrease disturbances such as anxiety, appetite disorders and others.
    • Avoid sedentary lifestyle, as the animal will invite the child to play with him and unknowingly help him not to be a sedentary person.

Even if it was only for the fact that the baby living with dogs can reduce the risk of asthma, it would be a good option to have a dog even when a new baby is coming to the family.

Quite contrary to what many skeptics claim, animals not only transmit diseases to us, they can also help us improve our health, both physical, emotional and psychological. Do not miss the opportunity to teach your baby the wonderful advantages of having a hairy friend.