Breeds Of Dogs That Best Withstand The Cold

Low temperatures can cause numerous diseases and complications to the health of our pets. Therefore, when we live in regions with severe winters, the ideal is to adopt the dogs that best withstand the cold .

In practice, these animals will also need to receive basic care during the winter to preserve their health. However, their organism is adapted to cold regions, so they show greater resistance to the adversities of this type of climate.

Below, we tell you what are the breeds of dogs that best adapt to cold climates.

The 12 breeds of dogs that best withstand the cold

1. Siberian Husky

Originating from the fascinating and cold Siberia, Siberian husky are perfectly adapted to the harsh Russian winters. In addition to an admirable beauty, these dogs stand out for their remarkable strength and physical endurance, as they have been historically trained to toss sleds .

Husky siberiano: carácter

2. Alaskan malamute

Similar to Siberian husky, alaskan malamute is also one of the dogs that best withstand the cold. In their native Alaska, these dogs are admired for their predisposition to work and endurance . They are considered to be the most resistant sledding dogs in the world.

3. Tibetan Mastiff

This beautiful giant dog native to Tibet is among the oldest breeds in the world. Little is known exactly about its antiquity, since the breed has been bred in isolation by the ancient Himalayan shepherds. But the Tibetan mastiff or dogo appeared already in the writings of the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC).

Mastín tibetano

4. Kuvasz

The kuvasz is a dog dog native to Hungary, well known for its abundant white or cream coat. It is also an ancient race which, it is estimated, already inhabited Hungarian territory during the domination of the Huns . Probably, they are descended from dogs from Asia or Turkey.


5. Berne Boyer

Berne breeders from Switzerland are also among the dogs that bear the best cold. Originally, these animals with abundant tricolor fur have been trained as guardians of cattle and lands . However, they have gained enormous popularity as companion dogs.

Boyero de Berna

6. Saint Bernard

The St. Bernard dogs have become movie stars after the blockbuster of Beethovenfilms. However, the breed was already widely admired and recognized for its performance as rescue dogs, which saves numerous lives in the avalanches of the Swiss and Italian Alps.

San Bernardo

7. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dogs originating in Canada are considered the “kind giants” of the canine world. Despite their imposing appearance, these animals reveal a balanced and docile temperament, which is that they are especially patient and protective with children. They adapt to cold weather, love water and are good swimmers.


8. Samoyed

These Russian dogs with white fluffy fur may come to look like stuffed animals, but stand out for their great strength and physical endurance. Originally from Siberia, they are perfectly adapted to extreme cold and are excellent companions: they are energetic and need to exercise their body and mind on a daily basis.

Samoyedo: carácter

9. Chow Chow

The chow chow is probably one of the most famous and popular Chinese dogs around the world. Despite their adorable appearance, these dogs own a strong personality and need to be educated and socialized from puppies to learn how to live positively with other animals and unknown people.

Chow chow

10. Akita Inu

Akita Inu is a Japanese dog that has gained worldwide popularity after spreading the story of Hachiko. In Japan, these dogs are considered a national treasure and are revered as a symbol of good fortune, health and loyalty; their body is perfectly adapted to low temperatures .

Perro akita inu

11. Shiba Inu

Also of Japanese origin, Shiba Inu can be similar to Akita, even if it is smaller and has a thinner muzzle. But it has the same physical endurance and adaptation to the cold, as well as a somewhat shy and very vigilant temperament.

Shiba Inu: cómo cuidarlo

With their owners, the Shiba Inu are usually extremely loyal, but they need to be socialized from puppies to positively relate to strangers.

12. German Shepherd

Although it does not originate from regions as extreme as other breeds, the German Shepherd is also one of the dogs that best withstand the cold. For their intelligence and versatility, they have become “off-road” dogs, able to adapt to different tasks and environments.

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