Choosing The Perfect Dog Breed

Choosing the perfect dog breed is not a decision to be taken lightly. This should involve the whole family and take many factors into account.

When it comes to choosing a puppy, it is always important to investigate the dog you are looking for. Whether by adopting an animal shelter, picking it up directly from the street or buying it, the journey cannot begin until the type of dog we are looking for has been decided.

Factors to consider

  • There are many factors that will intervene when it comes to choosing a breed of dog, being the ones that we consider most important:
      • Compatibility with children
      • The level of energy
      • Have taken care before that breed
      • Size
      • Aspects such as grooming and care

    Special needs of the dog

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    Author: Dogs believe too much in men

    Here are some useful criteria to help you make a better selection of the dog class that best suits your lifestyle. Once you have found the right breed, you can start searching in shelters, premises or breeding grounds.

    Of all the options, in the selection of a dog there are some factors that seem more popular among families who choose their dogs:

      • Years
      • Hair Length
      • Activity Level
      • Size
      • Family-oriented Nature
      • Trainability / Intelligence
      • Age of a dog

    Next, we will expand the information of three of the three most relevant features:

    Puppy or Adult?

    An important criterion when selecting a dog is age. If there are small children in the house it may be more appropriate to have an adult dog that already has inhibited bite and does not rehethe on your children and their toys.

    Some families choose to choose a new puppy that can grow up with their child and be taught how to obey from the beginning. This arrangement can work just as well as adopting a fully developed dog.

    Age is also a factor in the energy level of the dog you select. If you are looking for a career companion, the selection of an older dog is not suitable . However, if you are looking for a calmer dog, an older dog can be much more suitable.


    Activity Level

    A particularly important factor for families when choosing their dog is the level of activity.  Families living in an apartment do not adapt well to dogs with particularly high levels of energy, although this can be remedied if you are a runner and dedicate yourself to giving your dog a proper exercise routine.

    Many families start with this intention and end up losing interest. A high-energy dog without any stimulation is going to turn into a destructive dog, which is an unequivocal sample of boredom

    Dog size

    One of the most basic factors in selecting a dog is the size of the dog. Size includes both height and weight. Families living in a small apartment should consider obtaining a small breed.

    Families with young children should be especially careful when selecting a giant breed of dog. For example, while breeds like mastiffs can be funny and kind to children, they may also not realize the enormity of their size and can easily hit children who learn to walk.

    Similarly, small breeds that have their origins in grazing, may become pinching the heels of children in an attempt to corner them as they would with sheep.

    When selecting a mixed breed puppy from a shelter you can never be sure of the size the dog will be. Once fully grown, however, this can be known if you have more or less idea of the races you have mixed .