Dog That Saves A Baby From Falling Into The Sea

Dogs are great guardians, especially with children. No matter the breed or size of the dog, it will always be willing to help us when we need it, so we don’t ask. Such is the case of a dog that saves a baby from falling into the sea.

The protection instinct of dogs is highly developed, and is also strongly linked to their social structure. Because it is an animal that lives in herds and these tend to be highly organized, dogs acquire a sense of companionship that leads them to watch over all the members of the herd.

Examples of this we can see constantly. Today we bring an extraordinary fact that was recorded:

golden retriever playa

A hero Dog

In September 2013 a video became famous that has since been filmed on the Internet.

The fact was presented on a beach in Turkey during a family walk.  A mother was playing with the family dog while supervising the baby, who played with the sand next to the woman.

The game consisted of throwing a rod, which the can was going to look for to bring him back. In a brief moment, while the woman waited for the dog to return the rod, the baby began to crawl quickly towards the sea.

The dog, noticing that the baby was heading to the sea, forgot about the game and ran in the direction of the baby, putting himself in the middle of this and the sea, to prevent the child from being dragged by the strong waves. Moments later, the mother came to take the minor and put him to safety.

The video quickly became viralized after being posted on YouTube, although there has been a discussion about whether the dog’s performance was conscious (knew the baby was in danger) or was mere chance.

The Relationship of Dogs with Babies

To understand the performance of this dog, one must keep in mind something important about the way dogs relate to us.

The social structure of dogs is hierarchical, therefore the caregiver tends to occupy the alpha position, and depending on the breed more than one caregiver can occupy this place.

In households with children, the role of the adult is always higher than that of the minor, therefore dogs relate to the children as if they were dogs in the same range as them, and tend to be much more playful with them. This is the key for which they are so good playmates.

One thing that people should be clear when having dogs and children together is that the hierarchical role must be clearly established, because if a dog determines that the mother of the child is of a lower rank, it can reject the child. will respect you.

Autor: Freebird
Author: Freebird
However, in the case of babies, this role is a little different, as dogs treat babies as if they were their cubs, and that is why they watch them with greater care and attention.

Canes are able to identify human babies (as well as their own puppies), as the weakest members of their herd, therefore they require the most attention.

In fact, it is known that dogs alert their caregivers when the baby wakes up, grooming them as they would with their puppies, watching that they do not move away from the nest, and drive away people or animals that they think can threaten the baby. With this in mind, it is easy to realize that the dog, in fact, was taking care of the baby, because they also do not allow their puppies to approach the water to avoid drowning.