Dog that Saves from Drowning a Baby

Dogs are excellent guardians, but besides, they are good nannies. One example of this is the case of a dog that saves a baby from drowning in Michigan, United States.

According to the country’s press, one afternoon Patricia Drauch (30), the child’s mother, was in the garage of her house next to Stanley, her 14-month-old son, fixing some gardening tools she had used over the weekend. When he finished organizing the tools, he realized that the minor was no longer at his side.

Drauch informed a news network that the boy was always following her everywhere, so when she saw him enter the garage, she was confident that Stanley would stay with her. However, apparently, the baby came in and from one moment to another came out again.

When she realized that Stanley was not by her side, Patricia began desperately looking for him. That’s when he found him lying on his back in the family pool. “It was scary. His lips were blue,” Drauch said, “It was the most frightening feeling.”

labrador negro

After the initial impact, Patricia ran to the pool and saw that Stanley was not alone. Bear, his black labrador, was in the water carrying the baby on his back, which helped keep the baby’s head out of the water.

The most incredible thing is that Bear didn’t move an inch until Patricia took Stanley, nor did it make a single sound. It seemed that the dog was afraid to do something that could send the baby to the bottom of the pool. It wasn’t until Patricia got to the place where the baby was and took it that the baby came out of the pool .

When Stanley was taken by her mother, Stanley was unconscious and did not respond to the stimuli she applied to her. He tried to call the emergency number, but his cell phone couldn’t connect the call. Therefore, he took the baby and put him in the car next to his other children, immediately heading to the fire department, which is close to his dwelling. Fortunately, on the way Stanley woke up and vomited.

By the time the baby arrived at the fire department, these found that he was in good condition and alert. For Stanley’s mother, the baby would have drowned had it not been for Bear, because the fact that the child vomited means that he swallowed water for a while before the dog took him to the surface.

Therefore, despite the absence of witnesses to the courageous rescue, both the baby’s relatives and members of the fire brigade concluded that, thanks to the quick action of the dog, Stanley is alive.


Strong Instinct

Bear’s action was simply surprising, although it does not correspond to an isolated case. There are many situations in which cases of dogs rescuing people from the water have been reported.

In fact, Bear being a labrador, also has a lot to do with the rescue he carried out. Labradors were previously used to rescue prey during the hunt, specially trained to find them in rivers and lakes.

What seems to be a bit disconcerting is the way this dog did it, since most of the times dogs choose to remove the victim using their snout, although it has also been reported that sometimes they use their loin to hold on to it, but the baby was unconscious and would not know how to do this.

In addition to this, dogs tend to treat babies as if they were puppies, recognizing that they are helpless and therefore are more overprotective with them.

Whatever the situation, thanks to the act of this can, Stanley will be able to live a long life and, hopefully, away from any kind of accident.