How Are Tortoiseshell Cats?

Humans often consider their pets unique for different details. But the owners of hawksbill cats can be sure that there is no minino equal to their own, since the particular blend of their tricolor cloak is certainly unrepeatable. Considered carriers of good luck, these animals are mostly females.

Very unique felines

We are not faced with a specific breed of Felis catus, but with a color pattern that manifests itself in both mongrel and some breeds. Hawksbill cats, then, are those that present mixed the three usual colors of these cats:

  • Orange and its variations (creams, cinnamon or red)
  • Black and its derivatives (grey, blue or dark brown)
  • White

The name is because the distribution of the colors of these felines reminds of the shell of sea tortoises tortoises. These chelonians live in tropical areas and are in serious danger of extinction.

On the other hand, beyond the general characteristics of all cats, the remaining physical and personality particularities of these children will depend on the breed to which they belong (or the absence of the latter; they could be mixed race).

Gatos carey: hembras

Know all the details about tortoiseshell cats, beautiful cats of three colors distributed in a particular way on their mantle.

Females are the majority

The explanation of why almost all specimens of hawksbill cats belong to the female sex lies in the fact that, in the boys, the color is linked to the genus. So, genetic information for black or orange colors to emerge is found on the sexual X chromosome.

Thus, in order to be given the possibility of having both colors at once, two X chromosomes (females) must be possessed. However, since males are XY, they can only present one of these two colors.

In order for a male boy to be tricolor, a genetic alteration must be given (XXY, for example). In these cases, most specimens are sterile. On the other hand, the white color of hawksbill cats, which is usually scarce, is given by the S gene.

The legend of hawksbill cats

The legend tells about the origin of these beautiful animals that the sun wanted to spend some time on Earth. For this reason, he asked the moon to help him so that humans would not notice his absence from the sky.

Gatos carey: leyenda

So it was that, while our satellite eclipsed the star king, it embodied itself in a graceful black cat to go unnoticed among us. But it happened that the moon got tired of that task and withdrew from the sky, forcing the sun to return to its place.

It was then that, when she left the body of the minina in a hurry, she left on her coat some of her rays, which generated a great number of golden touches. This particular detail on the mantle was later inherited by all the offspring of the cat.

No luck to find a home

Despite the fact that since ancient times tortoiseshell cats have been associated with good luck, we are faced with felines that, nowadays, are usually abandoned or are the last ones adopted in shelters.

The explanation for this rejection seems to be that, although they are unique and beautiful children, some humans see in the distribution of their colors a certain disorder or unneatness.

However, beyond their particular mantle, no one should doubt that, in reality, they are faced with wonderful and unique animals, like each and every cat.