Mistakes We Make When Training A Dog

When we adopt a dog for the first time, it is obvious that there are many details we do not know about its education and teaching. This ignorance leads us to make mistakes in training a dog, which, if we do not remedy, will result in problems that we can hardly eradicate later .

Do not make these mistakes when training a dog

Believe it or not, these mistakes are common in many owners, especially first-time ones, who get carried away by the advice of some who consider themselves experts and who, as you will see below, are not at all. Here’s what you should never do when training a dog:

Screams and punishments

We do not know why there is still a widespread belief that with cries and punishments something is achieved. Well, the truth is, you do get things: that your dog is afraid of you, and if you do it very often, you may even want to defend yourself against you by attacking you .


Of course, it goes without saying that blows are not accepted when training a dog. These do not achieve more than the opposite of what you want to achieve, because there will be no link between you and, therefore, your pet will not listen to you.

On the other hand, the blows could leave physical and mental consequences on the animal that you will not be able to remedy later. And why have an animal and treat it badly? It doesn’t make sense.

Do not use positive reinforcement

It has been proven in every way that positive reinforcement works best when training a dog. Talking fondly and rewarding your dog when learning an order, or whatever you want, is the best way to create a bond with it: you can understand each other and have a pet owner-relationship based on respect . What we all want, no matter what species we are.

Consejos para adiestrar un perro

Working with the dog without a leash

The leash is a good tool when it comes to training a dog, as it allows you to show your pet where you want it to go and what you want to get from it. You have to learn the movements of the leash well so as not to use it by hurting the animal.

It is important this gesture, like the fact of using it. If you do not do it from the beginning, you will hardly be able to correct it when you do something wrong, especially when you are on the street.

Humanize him

There are those who talk to your dog when, for example, the dog does not obey or understand an order. Well, this is a very common mistake that only gives your pet a place that does not belong to it .

Remember that it is an animal, so it does not reason, nor think, nor can you make him understand what you want with a conversation. On the other hand, you need to learn to give him orders with short words, and try to link them to the act you want to achieve from him .

Errores al adiestrar a un perro

Do not choose the time

When we talk about choosing the time, we first mean not knowing when to scold or reward the dog. There are many people who do this late and, as a consequence, the animal does not learn anything, because it cannot relate a fact to the scolding or reward .

On the other hand, you should know how to choose the time in which to do the training. If the dog has not eaten, he will be eager to do it . If you just eat, you may want to go out and then get some sleep. It is best to do it in the morning or in the evening, when there is a relaxed atmosphere, but not so much as to fall asleep.

Do long sessions

Sometimes less is more. Dogs do not have much concentration power, so it is recommended to do short sessions. It doesn’t mean you only have to do one a day, but maybe you can spend 10 minutes, stop half an hour and do another 10 minutes.

Short sessions will leave you a clear idea in your head and you will learn it forever. The animal will not get tired and will be more receptive for the next session.

Have you already taken good note of all these tips? We are confident that if you put them into practice, you will be able to train a dog in the right way. Try it!