The Most Common Diseases In Cats

Although it is true that age, genetics and other factors influence the conditions of cats, it is also true that there are more common diseases in cats that can affect any breed, age or genetic composition. It is important to know them to be aware of our pets and act if necessary.

The most common diseases in cats

You know that having a pet is more than just giving it a roof and food. We must care for their well-being and cover all their needs, physical and emotional, including being aware of any discomfort they may suffer in connection with any illness. Ignorance, at times, can lead us to omit actions or make mistakes .

That is why it is important to keep informed, because knowledge does not take place and because, in that way, we can act when necessary. Here are the most common diseases in cats:


Otitis is a disease through which it is rare that a cat does not pass. It is not usually serious as long as you act on time, because it is only the inflammation of the ear canal that generates pain . However, if not treated in time it could become a serious infection that would even lead our pet to lose hearing.

Otitis en gatos: causas

This is usually generated by parasites, fungi and bacteria. You will notice that your cat may have otitis because it will very often scratch the ears and feel uncomfortable. As soon as you see these gestures from your feline, go to the veterinarian to make a diagnosis and apply the necessary treatment .

Carrying out the deworming process when marking your primer, as well as cleaning your cat’s ears daily, could prevent otitis from appearing.


This is another common evils of cats. It does not matter the age or breed of the cat, as any feline can go through this . He thinks that cats have a great agility that allows them to sneak in any corner and very much like to go out into the street and hide in hidden places where they can be filled with dust or other dirt.

Conjuntivitis en gatos

This may cause the eye mucosa to become inflamed and cause conjunctivitis. Although it is usually a disease that is easily treated with physiological serum and with eye cleansing, if you do not act in time you may lose vision.

In addition to dirt, conjunctivitis may be caused by genetic problems, allergies, eye infections, or other diseases that cause damage to the eyes. It will be easy to diagnose that your cat is suffering because you will have an excess of leganas, lacrimation and its cornea may become darker.

Feline leukemia

More and more cases of feline leukemia are being heard, which is often associated with feline AIDS. It usually affects younger and smaller cats, so it usually has a high mortality rate.

Leucemia felina: esperanza de vidaThe

most common symptoms are lack of appetite, lethargy, drowsiness, anemia, some tumor and weakness. At any of these symptoms do not hesitate to take your pet to the veterinarian. Doing it in time could save his life.


Although rabies are generally heard in dogs, it also occurs in cats. In addition, it is transmissible between species, so if your cat has a relationship with other cats or dogs that have it, they will most likely get it easily.

Gato que muerde

It is best to prevent it through mandatory vaccinations for this purpose. If at any time you think your cat might be going through it, don’t hesitate to take it to the vet.

Intestinal problems

Animals often have anxiety about eating, so they take anything they find on the way to their mouths. That is why, on many occasions, suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or any other symptom that proves that there is a gastrointestinal problem.

Par√°sitos intestinales en felinos

In these cases it is best to make the animal fast or give it a very soft diet and plenty of water to stay hydrated. However, for any symptoms, to make sure it’s nothing more serious, it’s best to go to the vet .

If you are attentive to any changes in the attitude or health of your pet, you will be able to recognize any of the most common diseases in cats. So, do not hesitate to visit a specialist because sometimes it could be a symptom of something serious that can be fixed if you act on time.