There are No Bad Dogs, There are Bad Owners

The behaviour of animals, in this case of dogs, has always been attributed as a topic to their breed or origins. If a dog is good, friendly, affectionate and cheerful, it fills our mouth when saying that we are its owners . On the contrary, we are ashamed to acknowledge that this aggressive, rude and apathetic dog is ours. Now, did you know that not all the characteristics of your can come from its genes?

Dogs and genes

caniche 2

The breed of a dog determines many of its qualities. For example, we know that Rotweillers are aggressive, that poodles are affectionate, that Pomerania have a delicate stomach, or that Fox Terriers are rather apathetic.

On the other hand, genes mark the size, color of skin or eyes and a host of other things. But are these features something insurmountable ? No, I don’t.

Dogs, who descend from wolves, are accustomed, like the latter, to live in herds and to have a leader. That leader not only tells them what to do, but also becomes an idol to them.

It could be compared to a son’s admiration for his father. When a child sees things in his father that he likes, he starts imitating him . Similarly animals, dogs in this case, do that with their leader. So if we took a little poodle and raised it together with some doberman puppies, the most likely poodle would end up adapting its personality to the strongest, the doberman.

Now, what about dogs that live with humans? Well, in that case, they still need a leader, and therefore, it must be you. Maybe you’re thinking it’s hard for an animal to imitate human movements, and you’re right. But it can adopt attitudes and qualities.


If your character is rough with other dogs or other people, whether inside or outside your home, your dog will notice it and get infected with its attitude. If you realize, a dog runs after those people to whom you show affection, so vice versa, it will run away from those you despise, or worse, attack them . Be nice to everyone, it’s not difficult, especially when your dog is in front of you.

“ Do to men what you would like them to do to you”

Rule Aurea- The Bible


We have already spoken on other occasions of this intrinsic quality in dogs. It denotes the ability to feel in your heart another’s pain. Isn’t that what you felt when your dog came desperate to comfort you when you felt sad? Don’t you think that’s a precious quality that all humans should imitate ?

If you are not empathic with your dog, with other dogs or with other humans, your dog will notice it and it will be possible to extinguish in it that little spark that allows it to unfold this beautiful quality. Don’t let it!


perro y canela

Have you noticed how unpleasant those dogs that have a toy are and while you ask them because all you want is to play with it they look at you sideways? Even if we know the animal, that look can only make us feel afraid .

That’s nothing but a reflection of the selfish personality of its owner. If the dog sees that its owner does not share anything with anyone, that he does not allow anyone to touch his things and that he becomes angry if something like this happens, it is likely that it will not take long to imitate him by having attitudes like the one mentioned above .

Both for better and worse, dogs imitate their owners. Sometimes even without realizing it, because unlike us they do not have subconscious. Their organism acts instinctively and that’s one more reason why they mimic us. They have no capacity to think if what they are imitating is right or wrong.

Luckily, we do. Therefore, let us think what attitude we have that we do not want our dog to learn and avoid it at all costs, so that everyone thinks of your dog, “that good dog has a good owner”.