You Don’t Have A Dog, He’s Got You!

It is very common to listen to dog keepers as if they were objects and belonged to them. However, doing a deep reflection, you can realize that the opposite is happening and, in fact, you do not have a dog – he has you.

To begin with this analysis we rely on the meaning of the word “have”, which is synonymous with possessing and the provisions that can be made of something or someone.

However, this concept, from the human-mascot perspective, has changed a lot over the years, since these are treated more like living beings than as objects that we can manipulate at our will.

Therefore, we no longer have a possessive relationship about animals, but a more comprehensive one, seeking their full benefit, and this feeling has permeated even legal instances, something impossible to consider a few decades ago.

Possession To Hierarchy

perro con familia

Currently the relationship with the dog is understood as a game of hierarchies, in which the human must assume the role of alpha or leader.

Otherwise, there may be a struggle for power that can seriously compromise coexistence. Therefore, more than a tenancy relationship is obedience.

This implies a significant change in the way we educate our animals, as relationships are no longer measured on the strength that can be exercised in each other, but through strong and energetic education.

This does not mean in any case that we are humanizing the animal, but that it is simply about knowing and respecting its condition as being sentient and deserving of respect for its condition of being alive.

Therefore this will involve a lot of effort, which is the fundamental basis on which we conclude that it is a fact that it is the dog that has you.

You Work For Him

Because the dog is currently considered a member of the family, you must assume a whole range of responsibilities to ensure its well-being and health.

Taking care of a dog will require, for example, that you dedicate several hours a day to strengthen its education and to ensure its emotional stability and physical development.

You will have to take him out for a walk, have the energy to play with him, buy toys and worry that they are suitable for his size and race.

In addition, you have to feed him, and this is not always economical. He thinks that dogs require specific diets for each stage of their lives and that, in addition, these should be supplemented with other foods.

You have to pick up what he messes up and you are literally responsible for the damage it can cause, whether it’s at home or to others’ things, so it’s better that you have spent a good time on his education.

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Veterinary costs vary depending on your pet’s health. However, having a dog will make you an important investment, especially in the first few months, while you complete your vaccination chart, exams and buy all the accessories you need.

Because dogs need to have their own things, for example, their plate, their toys, their bed, because this way you will prevent them from taking over your things and make them feel comfortable in the house, as well as entertaining. Simply put, the dog is entirely up to you.

But most importantly, dogs deserve everything you can give them asa result of being an incomparable company and being able to give you unconditional love that is very difficult to find among people.

So, who’s working for whom?

The next time you claim to own a dog you can think about it for a moment and think about who really is the mastered.