Your Dog Will Love You More Than Yourself

“There is no animal more faithful than the dog.” “Dogs are better than many people.” I’m sure you’ve heard some of these phrases several times in your life, and the truth is, they’re both true. The fidelity of a dog has no limits, as it is the only being who will love you more than you love yourself.

The adjective “faithful” is always attributed to the dogs, but are they faithful or loyal? What is the difference between the two adjectives? Well, fidelity doesn’t have to involve emotions or feelings and you can be faithful out of sheer obligation.

In addition, you do not need to be a living being to show fidelity. For example, the sun is faithful . He goes out and hides every day at his time doing his job.

And loyalty? Well, this quality does involve emotions and feelings. Loyalty is defined as: “Adhering to someone until they fulfill their purpose with them.” That’s right, loyalty not only pushes your dog to be with you in the good and the bad, but because of it he will love you more than you will ever love yourself.

Who doesn’t remember Hachicko? Have you thought about how many days he was waiting for his owner with cold, heat, snow or rain? You don’t seem to have ever seen one person do that for another.

If you have a dog, you are in luck, he will love you unconditionally, even more than you yourself love yourself. How do you prove that? Let’s see.

Ways To Prove Your Love

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    • Lie on your feet after eating. What do you think your dog loves most? Eat! They can’t even be disturbed, they cry if they don’t have food and even get angry if you want to take it off. Now, what does your dog do after eating? Go to your feet. Result: Food is his priority, the second thing he will love most is you.
    • Sleep next to you. We all know that dogs are very sociable and always need to be close to some other dog or a human being, but they do not do it with everyone. They know how to choose very well next to whom they want to be: their best friend. So if you feel something heavy in your belly or a rumbling noise in your ear, bear it and value it, it is your best friend telling you that you are his best friend and that he will love you for the rest of his life.
    • His madness to see you. Some dogs jump to see anyone who walks through the door, but surely with different intensity. But if yours only does it when the one who walks through the door is you, another sign that he will love you forever.
    • He’s getting your yawning. Have you ever surprised your dog yawn after you ? That is a sign that a special bond has formed between you and that he loves you and will love you more than yourself.

Love Without Criticism

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There are many comments that animals have no feelings or emotions. We do not all agree with it, and after the analyzed in this article, do you have doubts? Your dog will love you for the rest of his life, show you unspeakable loyalty, boundless. Yes, your dog will love you so much that he will be able to give his life for you. Do you know a lot of people willing to do that ?

Are there those who think your dog is not feeling or excited? That’s his point of view. No matter what people think or say… it’s so nice to feel that someone loves you and will love you forever!

Getting home and someone going crazy to see you, having someone to warm your feet after eating in winter, someone to snuggle up in bed… The love between dogs and people will never be understood, so what difference does it matter what they say? Enjoy that your dog will always love you and will be loyal to you even if his life depends on it, and please respond to him in the same way: be loyal and never abandon him.